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Dr. Praveen Buddiga on Good Day LA

Dr. Buddiga spoke with Good Day LA today to share important answers to the questions raised by the sad news of General Colin Powell’s death yesterday from COVID complications (and around the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine). While General Powell was fully vaccinated, he was immunocompromised, which severely impacted the vaccine’s ability to give his immune system a proper defense. In this interview, Dr. Buddiga stressed that the vaccine absolutely works and has saved hundreds of thousands of lives and that we should not connect the loss of this great man with a lack of efficacy in the vaccine. We should all get vaccinated and, if you’re immunocompromised, as General Powell was, you should take extra precautions such as masking, avoiding large gatherings, and washing your hands. Remember: the vaccine doesn’t make you immune to contracting COVID-19, it simply stimulates the immune system to give you a stronger defense.

A special thank you to Michaela Pereira for checking in on Dr. Buddiga – and for her very safe, virtual hug! Sharing critical information during this pandemic has been a collaborative effort between Good Day LA and Dr. Buddiga and we are honored to continue to work with you to help our community as well as the country.

Watch the full interview to learn more about the vaccine for immunocompromised patients, booster shots, and how to protect yourself this holiday season here.

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