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More Central Valley allergy sufferers switching to shots for treatment

Allergy sufferers may have noticed their seasonal reactions kicking in sooner and becoming more intense.

“Most of the patients see their primary care physician for a few years, and then they get treated with over-the-counter stuff,” said Dr. Praveen Buddiga. “They eventually get directed my way because it becomes a bombardment every year.”

Dr. Buddiga is an allergy and immunology specialist in Fresno. He said this allergy season is the worst he’s seen in about five years.

“We saw the year starting off with a little high temperature, which kind of dropped. The temperature variation sets the plants into a shock mode,” Buddiga explained. “They don’t understand what’s going on and they start to pollinate.”

The wind the Valley has seen recently also doesn’t help allergy sufferers.

“The wind also acts as a catalyst and causes the pollen to spread more, and in more increments as well as stronger,” said Dr. Buddiga.

Many of his patients are now making the switch to allergy shots to find relief.

“I was taking everything -nasal spray, Zyrtec, Claritin. Nothing really worked, but this works though,” one patient told Action News while getting his injection.

Here in the Central Valley, allergy season could last the majority of the year.

“Especially with the olive pollinating towards the end of April and early May since we have a lot of olive trees locally,” explained Dr. Buddiga. “The grass season takes off in June, and it goes all the way to August. In August, the weeds take off.”

In addition to finding the right allergy treatment, Dr. Buddiga recommends using a nasal wash in the morning or evening. Plus, washing your hair more often than usual to remove any pollen or dust.


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