What is SkinImmune™?

While you may be surprised to learn that skin is the largest organ in the body, it’s true! The skin, which includes hair, nails, sweat glands, and oil glands, makes up the integumentary system and acts as a physical barrier between the external and internal environment. The skin is home to over 1000 species of bacteria—more than one trillion microorganisms—and is designed to protect us from potentially harmful bacteria, chemicals, exposure to sunlight, air pollutants, ultraviolet A and B light, and so much more. Exposure to any of these affects both the health and appearance of your skin and even the health of your body. If you think about what we come into contact with every day, the skin really does work overtime for us. With such a big job, it is only right that we do our best to protect this vital organ as best as we can – and keep it looking good, too. That’s where SkinImmune™ comes into play.

SkinImmune™ is our revolutionary skin health system that combines cutting-edge diagnostic tools with state-of-the-art treatments to improve not only the look but the health of the integumentary system. Dr. Buddiga created this system as a way to consider the skin (and the rest of the immune system) in all of its complexity. The skin is at its healthiest and looks its best when the skin immune system is functioning at its highest level. Various eruptions of the skin such as eczema, hives, and rashes are the skin responding as it should – fighting off whatever is affecting it. And SkinImmune™ is designed to not only treat these signs and symptoms when they surface but also find and treat the source of the problem. Dr. Buddiga uses SkinImmune™ to treat active skin abnormalities but also prevent them from happening again in the future. Patients can trust that this system will change their skin for the better – healing it from the inside out while providing them with the tools to keep it feeling and looking great for good.

This system is broken down into four very important phases: 1) Diagnosis, 2) Treatment, 3) Enhancement, and 4) Daily Care.


The first and most important step in the SkinImmune™ system is identifying the underlying issue. It is nearly impossible to treat a condition without first figuring out what is causing the problem. Dr. Buddiga takes a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis phase by examining all the factors that may influence your health, the health of your skin as well as your immune system. This could include a detailed medical history and physical examination, skin allergen testing, blood testing, genetic testing, and more. Gathering this vital information helps Dr. Buddiga get a holistic view of your current health and what the next steps in the process for you may be.


After Dr. Buddiga pinpoints the issue, the treatment phase begins. This is when a unique SkinImmune™ Treatment Plan is created just for you based on your exact needs. This may include but is not limited to topical, oral, or injected medications. This step also provides Dr. Buddiga the opportunity to work with other healthcare providers you may have to optimize your overall health and wellness. Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all solution and that is just one of the reasons why SkinImmune™ has been successful for so many patients.


Next? Enhancement! Just like the individualized treatment solutions, the timing for treatment will be unique as well. And once Dr. Buddiga has determined that your skin has responded favorably to the treatment, it is on to the third step: SkinImmune™ Enhancement. This phase begins with a consultation to discuss your aesthetic and anti-aging goals. Dr. Buddiga with then help you design and implement a SkinImmune™ Enhancement Plan that may include plasma skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, dermal fillers, lip fillers, or facial neuromodulators such as Botox injections.

Daily Care

The last step in the SkinImmune™ Skin Health system is daily care—and one of the most important. Aging, as we all know, is an inevitable process and our skin is one of the most obvious signs. But with SkinImmune™ Daily Care, Dr. Buddiga and our team at BUDDIGA Family Allergy | Skin | Immunology can help to slow and even reverse the signs of skin aging we are all familiar with. With a precise and unique regimen of skin care products, you can effectively reduce the signs of photodamage and extend the aesthetic benefits of SkinImmune™ Enhancement.

As you can see, this comprehensive approach to diagnosing, treating, healing, and helping skin thrive is more than skin deep—it provides patients with peace of mind that their skin issues could soon be a worry of the past.

Book A Consultation

If you are experiencing irritation, discomfort, or unusual symptoms related to your skin and want to get back to looking and feeling like yourself, give us a call and set up a consultation with Dr. Buddiga here at BUDDIGA Family Allergy | Skin | Immunology. You’ll get to work with a leading immunology expert and experience the SkinImmune™ Skin Health System for yourself. Request a consultation today to achieve the healthy feeling and looking skin you desire from the inside out – we can’t wait to help you get you there!

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