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Local doctors seeing allergy patients sooner as plants bloom earlier amid changing temperatures

Allergies can happen year-round in Central California, but mid-February into early March is a peak most people know to be ready for.

Larry Espinoza at Luis’ Nursery says he deals with severe allergies, but he still loves this time as winter transitions to spring.

“Allergies are tough, but this is the most beautiful time of the year,” he said. “You have plants opening up and waking up, and they look beautiful.”

Espinoza says they’ve noticed a trend in recent years where plants open up a lot sooner but close quickly with jarring weather patterns.

On Wednesday, temperatures are expected to be cooler, and the confusion can lead to even more pollination in the air.

Allergist Dr. Praveen Buddiga says he’s also noticed a trend — seeing patients earlier than anticipated.

“Uniquely this year, we are seeing it sooner,” he said. Today is Feb. 14, mid-February and here it comes. We are being inundated with pollen for the next few weeks and with temperatures changing, you will see a back and forth with allergy season.”

If you have severe allergies, Dr. Buddiga says it’s important to shower after being outdoors and take the proper medication.

“If you have severe allergies in the eyes, use eye drops, which are more medicated, so contact your family doctor for that,” he said.

If you know what medication works for you, Espinoza says there is nothing like taking a stroll outdoors during this time of the year, something they’ve seen a lot of at the nursery.

“The last two weekends have been crazy,” he said. “People are getting the spring fever, they are outside and we are bringing in stuff that are we are not used to having.”


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