How to Choose the Right Skin Care Products

The global skin care market is valued at more than $136 billion and there are hundreds of skin care brands and thousands of products that are all sold as solutions for perfect skin. So, how do you know which ones work or which ones are right for your unique needs? With so many creams, powders, serums, masks, and scrubs, it can be overwhelming to choose the best ones for you.

Take a deep breath. You don’t have to endlessly product-hop or jump on the next skin care trend. Follow this guide to understand your particular needs – so you choose the best skin care products available for your individual skin.

Identify Your Skin Type

The first step toward choosing the right skin care products is to understand your particular skin type and its unique needs. This process alone can eliminate thousands of products that are tailored to other skin types so you can focus on treatments specifically made for you. Different skin types include:

  • Dry skin: dull complexion, rough patches, limited elasticity, visible lines.
  • Oily skin: enlarged pores, a shiny complexion, frequent blackheads, and pimples.
  • Sensitive skin: red, itchy, burning. This skin type can be triggered easily and become patchy or develop breakouts.
  • Combination skin: a mixture of the above (like oily and sensitive).
  • Normal skin: balanced, hydrated skin without frequent breakouts or rough patches.

Choosing the wrong skin care products can make your complexion worse. For example, if you already have oily skin, you could experience worse breakouts from treatments for dry or normal skin.

If you aren’t sure what skin type you have, make an appointment with Dr. Praveen Buddiga, a leading immunologist and founder of BUDDIGA Family Allergy | Skin | Immunology and BUDDIGA Skin Aesthetics Med Spa. During your 1-1 consultation, he will examine your skin and listen to your concerns to identify ways to care for it effectively.

Determine Your Treatment Needs

Quality skin care means identifying your current skin type and then looking for solutions to meet its needs. While genetics control the makeup of your skin, your lifestyle factors can help or harm it. For example, if you live in a desert climate, your normal skin may become dry and itchy without a dedicated moisturizer. If you live in an urban area, your skin might look dull because of exposure to pollution, chemical toxins (auto-exhaust), dust, and dirt throughout the day.

Reflect on what your goals are for your skin care products. This will help you cut through the noise of products that try to sell solutions to problems you don’t have. A few common concerns for your skin include:

  • Moisturizing – preventing dry patches and rough skin.
  • Reducing excessive oils – preventing breakouts caused by oily skin.
  • Suncare – protecting your skin when outdoors.
  • Post-makeup care – protecting your skin after wearing a full face of makeup.
  • Anti-aging – protecting elasticity, preventing free radical oxidation and damage as well as arresting the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Once you understand your needs, you can look for products that address them. You may need to try multiple products to find one that works for you. Look for sample packs and small tubes that allow you to test out a product for a few weeks. This should help you learn whether the cream, gel, or serum is effective or harmful to your skin.

What Are Active Ingredients In Skin Care Products

Know the Right Ingredients to Look For

Once you narrow your search down to products for your skin type that are meant to achieve your goals, you can start comparing different brands. Focus on the ingredients, not flashy branding or creative packaging. Many products are designed to attract your attention but they don’t offer comprehensive care. A few key ingredients include:

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is found in your skin. It binds to water to retain moisture and to keep your skin looking healthy. Buying skin care products with this ingredient can reduce the appearance of fine lines while preventing dry patches.


Peptides can be absorbed into your skin, unlike the ingredients of other creams and gels, which merely rest on the top. Peptides support the healing and growth processes, which is ideal for people with sensitive skin and who have scars from acne and other blemishes.

Vitamin A/Retinol

Vitamin A can work as a resurfacer on your skin, encouraging your body to shed old and dying skin cells. As a result, your skin looks bright and fresh with new cells growing to replace the old ones. This can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aloe Vera

Aloe reduces inflammation and protects against UV damage. It is also rich in antioxidants, which can help with healing. Look for this ingredient in products for sensitive skin and for preventing sun damage.

Green Tea

Green tea is another ingredient that protects your skin from UV damage and can help with anti-aging goals. It also has natural antibacterial properties which can help treat clogged pores and prevent unwanted skin reactions.

Try to look for products that have smaller ingredients lists. This way you can fully understand what the creams or gels are made of and, particularly, what the main ingredient is. After all, you don’t buy a product that promises to treat your skin with aloe vera, only to realize that the percentage of aloe included is too small to be effective.

Additionally, if you are looking for a daily moisturizer, check for products that list SPF on the label. Even in the winter months and days when you are predominantly inside, an SPF moisturizer can protect your skin from damaging UV rays that can speed up aging.

If you aren’t sure whether a particular will actually be beneficial to your skin, contact Dr. Buddiga. He can tell you more about the chemical properties used and how certain products could benefit you. You can also test the product for yourself to see if it drives noticeable results.

Expensive Isn’t Always Better

As you continue your search for skin care products, know that you don’t have to choose top-shelf products. You could spend thousands of dollars on serums and creams made with diamonds and other precious materials. However, many top treatments can be found in your local grocery store or skin care shop.

Focus primarily on whether a skin care treatment works for you. If the product doesn’t make your skin look better or doesn’t feel good, move on to another one. There are plenty of options available.

You May Benefit from Targeted Treatments

While starting a new skin care regime can improve the look and feel of your face, some people want to give their skin a boost that impacts the health and appearance of their skin inside and out. The Buddiga Skin Aesthetics Medspa offers multiple treatments for your body, hair, and skin. In your consultation, Dr. Buddiga will recommend individualized options to help you reach your skin aesthetic goals in just a few appointments.

For example, the Hydrafacial MD Elite™️ is a non-invasive treatment that removes dead skin cells, cleans clogged pores, and rehydrates skin. The result is brighter skin that is less prone to breakouts. This treatment can benefit people who have dry skin (resulting in rough patches and flaking) along with people who have oily and easily clogged pores.

Treatments like Hydrafacial MD Elite™️ can give you the boost you need for improved skin care. After your session ends, you can begin a targeted skin care plan to maintain the work that Dr. Buddiga achieved. Think of these treatments as boosts to help you achieve your goals for skin appearance and texture faster.

What are Good Skin Care Products

Choose Your Skin Care Products With the Help of Dr. Buddiga

If you aren’t sure where to start when developing your skin care routine, request an appointment with Dr. Buddiga. He will help you better understand your skin and its current needs as well as make recommendations for skin care based on your current lifestyle and goals. Together, you both can work toward brighter, clearer, skin.

Once you choose your individualized skin care products, you can follow a healthy routine of protecting and caring for your face and body. Taking care of your skin is the first step to ensuring it is radiant and healthy, which can make you feel more confident when facing the world. Contact Dr. Buddiga today and take the first steps toward your optimized skin health.

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