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‘Hero of COVID Crisis’ Dr. Praveen Buddiga Takes Home Slew of Awards, Recognizing Advances in Skin Immunology and Combating Pandemic

In 2021, Dr. Buddiga oversaw the launch of BUDDIGA Skin Aesthetics, pioneering a novel perspective to skincare and anti-aging called ‘Skin Immunology’

As one of the world’s chief immunologists and distinguished medical experts, Dr. Praveen Buddiga has dedicated the lion’s share of his energy and passion to advancing public health in the fields of immunology, allergy, and asthma. 2021 was of course no exception.

For one, he oversaw the launch of his practice’s new division, BUDDIGA Skin Aesthetics, pioneering a novel perspective to skincare and anti-aging, through his holistic, scientific-based approach he has termed ‘Skin Immunology.’

In June, Dr. Buddiga was lauded as one of this country’s “Heroes of the COVID Crisis” by Authority Magazine for leading the way during the pandemic and navigating Americans through the most challenging of times during the COVID-19 pandemic, from the very beginning.

Serving as chief medical correspondent on popular daily news programs such as Good Day LA and others, Dr. Buddiga contributed much of his time providing education to the public about social health measures.

And through a major initiative he led in partnership with the California Department of Public Health, he rolled out an organized testing program, and expeditiously deployed thousands of vaccines into the arms of California’s adults & children as well as the most vulnerable members of our society.

Recognizing his mammoth contributions to public health and his division’s achievements, he recently became the recipient of a half-dozen awards.

In December, his practice took home the 2021 Centauri Award in the Vega Awards program in the category of ‘Healthcare Services.’

He also earned two Gold Awards: one from the 2021 Muse Awards and another in the 2021 Davey Awards. Additionally, he garnered the Platinum Award, the highest honor from the 2021 Marcom Awards, for his medical practice.

In addition to educating members of the public through his social media channels, and as an expert medical contributor on television, Dr. Buddiga also conducted a number of webinars focused on teaching fellow physicians and other health professionals about the COVID-19 pandemic, starting at the very beginning of the virus in early 2020.

Although reticent to hold the mantle of the ‘hero’ title, Dr. Buddiga stated in his interview with Authority Magazine, “The catalysts that prompted me to take action were the command of my knowledge in immunology and to assist doctors and health professionals to navigate questions regarding the contagion, its process of spread, and advocating prevention measures such as masking, handwashing, social distancing and eventually the vaccination effort to eradicate this disease.”

In 2022, Dr. Buddiga will continue to shepherd all of us through the highs and lows of the existing pandemic, currently experiencing an explosive surge of cases due to the Omicron variant.

As the COVID-19 virus becomes more endemic and less of a threat to our everyday lives, more Americans will begin returning to physical work and social environments.

Thanks to Dr. Buddiga’s cutting-edge approach to skin immunology, they can look forward to reviving their skin health through BUDDIGA Skin Aesthetics’ world-class skincare treatments.

This includes the highly advanced OPUS Plasma Skin Resurfacing, as well as the Hydrafacial MD Elite™, in addition to other advanced technological FDA approved modalities focused on restoring and improving the most active organ of the immune system, known as skin. Some of the most popular requests are explained below:

NON-INVASIVE BODYSCULPTING – Improved skin health and appearance via excess fat reduction. They have the latest generation of FDA approved devices – COOLSCULPTING ELITE™ to reduce unwanted fat for up to 24 % after 3 treatment cycles.

NON-INVASIVE MUSCLE TONING and STRENGTH – FDA approved EMSCULPT NEO™ by BTL Aesthetics uses the latest non-invasive technology HIFEM = High Intensity focused electromagnetic technology in combination with Radiofrequency to strengthen & tone muscle with an added benefit of fat reduction. Patients who underwent this treatment state they sit up straighter, feel better and improve in sports – anecdotal unsolicited comments have been that “backs don’t hurt as much, posture is better,” they can hold the “plank” longer and they are better at yoga, pilates, golf drives, tennis serves, and the list goes on. Overall, the authors of the lead study were impressed by the improvement in strength and endurance performance.

Other non- or minimally invasive treatments for patients include Botox and dermal filler injectables to reverse the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

For more information on Dr. Praveen Buddiga and BUDDIGA Skin Aesthetics, visit his official website at or call (559) 421-9009.

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