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Living with an asthma, allergy, immune or skin condition can be a daily struggle. This is why we’ve dedicated our life to help you live yours easier. With our professional guidance, we can assess, treat and manage your breathing, allergy, skin and immune health, so you can get the most out of every day.

Our mission is to evaluate every allergy, itch, skin rash, persistent cough, shortness of breath, sinus or ear infections to ensure accurate diagnosis, and more importantly, relief. We’re the ones cheering you towards good health, even if you’ve given up thinking it’s possible.

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Skin Overview
Skin Health

Our novel approach trademarked SkinImmune™ diagnostic and treatment technology can evaluate, investigate, and understand major causes of skin integrity disruption and make treatment and healing recommendations. The skin is an immune organ that protects the body from infection, cancer & toxins from the physical external environment and in addition is our first line of defense. It is critical to maintain the integrity of this barrier with excellent care.

We test for contributing triggers in order to customize individual treatment plans that manage, and in most cases, eradicate conditions such as eczema, hives or urticaria, and contact dermatitis. These reactions may be attributed to allergenic dust particles, pet allergens, contact allergens such as cosmetics – fragrances – metals – hair dyes – clothing material, spontaneous swelling or angioedema, skin rashes, acne, psoriasis, fungal rashes, medicine related rashes or swelling and other (often misdiagnosed) ailments.

Allergy Overview

Our comprehensive diagnostic testing and treatment protocols will free you and your family from allergic reactions that may prevent you from enjoying every day. With the option of ‘no shot’ oral allergy drops for easy at-home use, or weekly allergy shots in-clinic, we can have your Fresno or Clovis allergies under control by building your own personalized trademarked IMMUNE FIREWALL® against the allergens you react to adversely.

Asthma Overview
Asthma Overview

Tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, or a nighttime cough can be signs that you or your family may be affected by asthma, whether brought on by genetics or developed later in life as a result of an undiagnosed allergy. The good news is, medical and technological advancements mean there are a number of treatment options in addition to inhalers. Maintenance plans are also available, such as regular monoclonal antibody injections to help get you breathing more easily. Are you looking to find relief for Asthma in Fresno? Visit Buddiga and speak with our specialists today.


As the world changes, so does the air we breathe. Bringing along with it are air pollutants, contaminants and infectious agents. With the advent of universal air or ocean travel, what once might have been a locally-contained problem now has the potential to become a global pandemic. We offer a comprehensive immune evaluation and testing, and are able to identify factors that may contribute to possible recurrent infections. Recommendations for immune boosters, vitamin supplements, graded vaccination or immunoglobulin supplementation are made on a case by case basis, ensuring preventative care is customized and administered safely, delivering the best possible outcome for you and your lifestyle.


Since February 2020 COVID-19 has been a global public health challenge. At BUDDIGA Family Allergy Skin Immunology, we have taken an active role in educating both domestic and international physicians and patients on diagnosis, testing, vaccines and care for this contagion via several international, national and local educational television segments and webinars.

Our messaging was to answer questions the community had about vaccine safety and indications.

We were also a major vaccine delivery, counseling & reporting site for the CDC, California Public Health Department and testing site for COVID-19 in Central California, serving nearly a 2 million-strong population base.


Dr. Praveen Buddiga, MD

Allergy - Asthma - Immunology & Skin Health Specialist

Your Family’s specialty care physician is ready to provide lasting relief. Dr. Praveen Buddiga has dedicated his life to understanding, evaluating and treating the most complex allergy, asthma, immune and skin conditions.

Caring by nature, Dr. Buddiga’s nurturing and empathetic approach immediately puts you at ease, ensuring your safety and comfort. After all, you and your family’s health always come first. It’s rare to find a physician who genuinely takes time to listen, and who uses an evidence-based approach to immunity and wellness in diagnostics. This is why thousands of families across four generations as well as across the world have trusted Dr. Buddiga to treat their allergy, asthma, immune and skin conditions, and continue to partner with him for their ongoing healthy journey in life.

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News & Press

Dr. Buddiga’s office is the greatest! My son has been suffering severe eczema since the first day he was born. We have visited other allergist office but they won’t be able to help him. He’s getting worse and loosing sleep and stop growing. As parents, we are devastated and don’t know what to do. After visiting Dr. Buddiga for the first time, his prescription helps Alan relief severe itchiness for the first day and he gets his baby skin back. Most importantly, he’s not suffering anymore! I don’t know how to appreciate Dr. Buddiga and his office! We are so grateful!

- Alan’s Parents

Dr. Buddiga has contributed as an author in our Allergy & Immunology, Anatomy, and Pulmonology references for more than 15 years. He is the author of 6 articles – Asthma in Older Adults; Cardiovascular System Anatomy; Immune System Anatomy; Lymphatic System Anatomy; Use of Metered Dose Inhalers, Spacers, and Nebulizers; Vocal Cord Dysfunction. Dr. Buddiga’s professional efforts and expertise have benefited many thousands of physician and other readers. 

- Kathleen R.

Medscape Drugs & Diseases 

As an asthma and allergy specialist in Fresno, home to among the highest air pollution levels in the nation, Dr. Buddiga has witnessed the health impacts of air pollution on his patients. His experience treating patients during air pollution episodes has been vital in raising awareness among elected officials about the need for strong policies to address air pollution and climate change.

- Jenny B.

American Lung Association

Dr. Buddiga has been my physician for approximately 12 years. When I first started seeing him I was having severe asthma attacks. I’ve had a history of asthma since childhood but as I got older it became more unmanageable to the point that I had more bad days than good days. Dr. Buddiga has been able to stabilize me so that I am able to live a more productive life. I believe that without his intervention I would not be here today. He is an excellent physician and what makes him different from other providers is that he actually cares for his patients.

- Elva H.

“Have needed help a long time. Dr Buddiga not only was concerned about my allergies but contacted another doctor about other problems affecting my condition which had not been helped by the doctor I was seeing. He actually listens and has made sure to get me ALL the help I need. If you need someone who cares and will listen to all you have to say he is the doctor.”

- David S.

“With a lifetime of severe allergies and asthma, I now have an avenue to conquer the elements. Dr. Buddiga and his team are thoughtful and attentive. I feel great to have a knowledgeable team helping me forge a path towards a life of freedom without allergy reactions that I have not been able to experience previously.”

- Jadine W.

“Nothing but the most comfortable experience. I have been battling a disease for 6 years and was truly ready to just accept that there was no cure. Dr. Buddiga was kind and gave me hope for living a normal life in the future.”

- Aubrey P.

“Dr. Buddiga has diagnosed my son correctly and is extremely thorough in his work. High recommendation for this doctor who has a great reception & medical assistant staff who are happy to be there”

- Jeff H.

“I had been having problems with hives, rashes, etc. Out of 4 doctors, Dr. Buddiga is the only one that helped me. He recommended shampoos and prescribed a cream to use on the rashes on my back. I also, started getting weekly allergy shots to improve my immune system. I now feel so much better and all rashes and itching is gone. I highly recommend Dr. Buddiga.”

- Florence S.

“Dr. Buddiga is professional, knowledgeable, and caring. He spends valuable time with each patient to evaluate the needs and the treatment needed for each person. He is readily available to communicate in a timely manner as well. The office staff is kind, efficient, welcoming, and willing to help with any problem! Our family is so grateful to Dr. Buddiga for all he has done for us. He is the best! We offer him our highest recommendation! ”

- Barbara C.

“Dr. Buddiga is a caring, knowledgeable physician who takes a holistic approach in treating his patients. He takes the time to listen and really hear his patients’ concerns. His staff is pleasant and makes everything run smoothly.”

- Maureen K.

“Dr. Buddiga was concerned about my total health, taking a complete history and really listening to my complaints. He was able to help my breathing so I can live a more independent life style. I never feel rushed. He is a very understanding physician.”

- Jean C.

“Thank you for the great care. Everyone in the office is very helpful and courteous. Appointments are very prompt with never having to wait. Very clean office with great COVID protocols of not having patients together in the lobby. As for Dr. Buddiga he was great, very patient, and concerned with my health needs. He provided excellent care.”

- Suzanne A.

“My experience was excellent. The wait was never long and Dr. Buddiga explained everything and answered all my questions. He has a way of making you feel comfortable and not rushed. I highly recommend him.”

- Anthony N.

“I was very impressed by the organization of the office, the extreme cleanliness and the ease of getting care. The Dr. was very kind, knowledgable, thorough, and helpful in testing and diagnosing my asthma condition. I strongly recommend the staff, facility and Dr Buddiga.”

- Kathleen S.
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