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Health officials urging public to continue wearing masks during warmer weather

As temperatures spike into the triple digits this week, it may become harder to breathe through your mask.

But Dr. Praveen Buddiga of the Family Allergy Asthma Clinic says now is not the time to put the face coverings away.
It’s very important that they wear their mask, especially in public places,” he said.

It is hoped the spread of the coronavirus will dip as the weather warms, like a flu virus, but Dr. Buddiga says not enough is known about its behavior.

Scientists and doctors have not reached a consensus over whether the summer heat can effectively fight COVID-19.

“The data has shown, it doesn’t as we have seen the spread in hotter communities right now; South America, India, Africa,” he said.

Dr. Buddiga says it is important that you take off your mask and cool off from time to time so you can take some deep breaths. You also need to drink more water.

But as more businesses re-open, he is concerned about the very large public gatherings we’ve all noticed around the country.

“Whenever I see that, my stomach cringes because I know the data and I know the facts, and I dread to have a second wave,” he said.

Even if it’s really hot out, Dr. Buddiga says all it takes is one sneeze by someone who is infected to spread the coronavirus, so he says it’s important to wear your mask around other people.

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