Pollen & Mold Allergies In Fresno: What You Need To Know

If you think about it, the air you breathe sets you up for success each day. From the yawns you push through in the morning to the forceful exhales during a workout, clean air can help you achieve your goals and perform at your best. However, pollen and mold can dirty your household air and trigger your allergies, leaving you feeling stuffy and fighting a runny nose. Some of our patients describe feeling like they are in a cloud all day and can’t think clearly with allergens affecting their sinuses.

Many residents experience pollen and mold allergies in Fresno, CA throughout the year. At BUDDIGA Family Allergy | Skin | Immunology, Dr. Praveen Buddiga works with patients from all walks of life who want to breathe easier. Learn more about the causes of pollen and mold in Fresno and how to reduce your allergic reactions. 

The History of Pollen & Mold in Fresno

The levels of pollen and mold in Fresno vary based on the weather. The amount of rain in the winter will typically determine how much pollen residents have to contend with in the spring. For example, 2019 was an exceptionally rainy winter. This gave plants more water and the ability to grow. When buds started to bloom in the spring, the flower and grass counts across Fresno were higher than the years before, creating severe allergic reactions in many residents throughout the spring and even into June! 

Rainy winters can also increase opportunities for mold growth. Leaks can form in your roof and in your basement, allowing water to pool in your home, causing mold to form and making it hard to breathe in your house. 

If it rains significantly this winter, it could mean high pollen and mold counts in the spring. 

The 2021 Pollen & Mold Count

The best way to predict whether you are likely to experience an allergic reaction to pollen on any given day is to check the pollen count. A pollen or mold count measures the number of grains of pollen or mold spores within a cubic meter of air. The higher the count, the greater the chance that people with pollen and mold sensitivities will experience negative reactions throughout the day.   

Pollen counts also vary based on the season. The pollen counts are highest in Fresno during the spring when the trees and flowers are blooming. Pollen can travel through the air and irritate the sinuses of people who are outdoors. After spring, however, pollen counts start to drop. By fall and through the winter, many residents are able to breathe easily in Fresno and enjoy low pollen counts. 

As a whole, Fresno is one of the best places in the country for people with pollen allergies. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America released their 2021 Allergy Capitals™ report which ranks the 100 largest cities in the country based on pollen levels and allergic reactions. Fresno ranked in the top ten for being one of the least challenging places to live with allergies – along with other California cities like Stockton and San Jose. The other best cities to live in for allergy sufferers include Durham, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Milwaukee.

When evaluating mold risk, one of the main elements to look at is humidity. The levels of moisture in the air can determine how hospitable the climate is for mold growth. Fortunately, California is frequently ranked one of the states with the lowest humidity levels. Fresno also has lower humidity levels in the summer than most parts of the country. 

This is all good news for mold and pollen allergy sufferers. While you still might experience some symptoms throughout the year, Fresno is a great city to live in if you have these sensitivities but also love the outdoors.   

How to Minimize Allergies from Pollen & Mold

While Fresno is a beautiful place to live, there are seasons when the pollen counts spike and allergy sufferers struggle to breathe. Similarly, you may encounter mold in your workplace and even in your home if you aren’t careful. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to reduce your contact with these irritants and prevent allergic reactions. Follow these tips to minimize your allergies:

  • Bring in a professional to check for mold. A clean house isn’t necessarily mold-free. You may have mold in your air ducts or hidden in the walls. A mold expert will be able to evaluate your risk levels and identify any mold on your property. 
  • Check the forecast before you leave the house. If the pollen counts are high in your area, you may want to rethink that outdoor jog or afternoon spent gardening. Avoid opening your windows during this time.  
  • Avoid tracking pollen into your home, car, and workplace. When you spend time outside, pollen grains can stick to your clothes. Remove your shoes and change your clothes as soon as you get home. Then use a damp cloth to remove pollen grains from your skin, face, and hair. 
  • Clean from top to bottom in your house. Start by dusting your fan blades and end with vacuuming or mopping. This way any loose pollen settles down to the ground and gets cleaned up. 
  • Wash your sheets and pillow covers frequently. Increasing this practice when pollen counts are high can help you sleep better at night. Showering right before bed can also help. 
  • Talk to a doctor about your allergies. Dr. Buddiga meets with all kinds of patients in Fresno who experience different allergy symptoms. Even minor irritants can trigger allergic reactions that disrupt your work and prevent you from doing your favorite activities. 

Dr. Buddiga can also help you learn which pollen types are irritating your sinuses. Some people react strongly to tree pollen while others are triggered by grass and ragweed pollen. If you know what plants trigger your allergies, you can work on the landscaping in your yard to remove irritants, allowing you to enjoy more time outside in the beautiful spring and summer weather. 

Breathe Easy With an Allergy Treatment Plan

If you live in fear that April showers will bring May allergens, know that you’re not alone! Many people across Central California feel sinus pressure and stuffiness throughout the year. When pollen and mold counts increase, so do the number of people who need help during allergy season in Fresno.

Dr. Buddiga has decades of experience as a leading allergy and immunology expert treating residents of Fresno and the surrounding areas. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California – San Francisco, UCSF-Fresno and is board-certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, a conjoint Board of The American Board of Internal Medicine and The American Board of Pediatrics. Dr. Buddiga always puts family first and works closely with patients to improve their allergy symptoms and their quality of life. 

Don’t suffer through the high pollen counts of Fresno. Meet with Dr. Buddiga and start treating your allergies today.

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